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The WreckingBall Machine has been kickstarted. Rehearsals are in place. Phil damato, Bruce, Bahama kin, & john are set n ready to Destroy. The timebomb of musical time hath begun its symbolic ticking to the eternal beats of WreckingBall fans. be assured the Torch is burning.
Bahama Kin


                           schedule to set up stage earlier in the day
      ( lighting cage setup first for gigs allowing us enough time and stage size)
        WreckingBall inventory equipment check lists
        P.A & Cabinets, Snake, Recording board, Band equipment.
        extra fuses, batteries, strings, picks, sticks, cables, electrical adapters - surge plugs,
        Steel lighting cage
-----> Stage lighting. 8  par 38 cans,
        with blacklight and several effect lighting units attached.
        2 front of stage light color wash front of stage effects.
        beamed towards band
        Fog machine, strobe. confetti gun.
        extra back-up lights and color gels.
        Our on-stage WreckingBall toolbox which will be filled with gimmicks for fans such as:
        rubbers, t-shirts, CD's, Posters, full DVD's, squirtguns, paper camera's, free beer coin's,
        blow up guitars, live DVD singles,  buy one bring a friend free tickets,
        free hang with WreckingBall certificates for fans, Load the box up with promo items.
        WreckingBall equipment van or trailer.
        WreckingBall Bus
----->  2 Lit armored statues & chains
         proped on each side of the stage. 
-----> 2 fake flame lamps at their sides.
-----> Phil's stuffed bear behind drummer.
-----> homemade wreckingball hanging.
-----> band stage clothes --> see color wash
Benifits and opening Promo gigs FREE of CHARGE
paying gig minimum charge $200.00  --> $50.00 per band member <-----
              maximum charge $600.00 full 3 hour show $150.00 per band member.
Performance agreement contract's where needed.
WreckingBall promo pax on hand.
includes ----->  8 by 10 Band photo,
                      Band business card,
                      song list,
                      press flyer,
                      CD, DVD live song singles
Picture WreckingBall packed and arrival at venue.
Stage setup complete, armor statues and flames shining,
purple violet light and burst of fog sets the stage
CD player playing  haunting Original soundtrack jingle.
Fans go nuts, finger horns go up,
Bright white flash front of stage color wash opens show.
blacklights and lighting effects chicks rush dancing
as WreckingBall tears into WreckingBall power metal version of Foxy Lady.
hummmmmmmm kewl.

WreckingBall will be Producing Full Metal CD's & DVD's asap. WreckingBall plans on eventually supporting a full light & sound show. Playing original WreckingBall material as well as Skull crunching hits of your favorite Metal & Rock band. Old school & new. WreckingBall plans on appearing throughout the quad state area's best venues and Radio Station appearences are included. Thank you all for supporting WreckingBall.
Bahama Kin

I Bahama Kin Just was chatting with Larry Rust keyboardist
of IRON BUTTERFLY. that i'll
be helping to promote upcoming shows hopefully
Connecticut .
Larry Rust, (keyboards - vocals)
Larry Rust has worked with Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Stevie Wonder, Larry Carlton, George Howard, Bob Welch, Warren Zevon and Kansas.
Jimi Bell & BJ Zampa have joined the band House Of Lords
and will be on the New House of Lords album due out late spring 2006.
Jimi Bell & BJ Zampa wrote 9 of the 12 tracks. more soon.
<--> Bahama Kin was selected to do the Vice reunion review.
at The Vice Reunion Oct 8th 2005 at Joanna's Cafe in Somers, Ct.
Featuring VICE Rob Rock. (see ) <-->
Bahama Kin was offered to work via promotion/mgmt.
with Thrash Ratchet a Hardcore Metal band out of NY. pending.
met up at Summer Jam 2005 in Red Hook, NY.  details see ( ) <-->
also in the news Bahama Kin is now the offical lead vocalist of WreckingBall. as of 7/18/2005.
The first WreckingBall album title is "BAD HAIR DAZE"
more news TBA
Bahama Kin was selected to Write the JIMI BELL STORY "Who the Hell is JIMI BELL
" Bahama Kin has written 62 pages so far. 
This was an Original Book concept idea pitched by: Bahama Kin.
(Headwrench Manager, Musician, Videographer, Producer) We met up in Hartford, Ct. ( Dec-8th-2004 )
ironically the same day Dimebag was shot. Bahama Kin / Jimi Bell / & Ken Young
(Also Bahama kin's son Raymond) a guitar player too!
Plans are Officially in the making for Bahama Kin to Interview #2 Jimi Bell for information for The book.
Ken Young has filmed The interview # 1 an hour long interview with Jimi Bell & Bahama Kin it is on a DVD & VHS.
BY:  Ken Young of Forever Young Video
Production (JIMI BELL Mgmt) Ken's Film equipment was used for the Movie "Open Water
 Ken Young has worked with Staind, DiamondBack, Dixie Dregs, Deep Purple Guitarist, Rob Rock, VICE, Joined Forces, and many more.
More news as soon as it becomes available.
Bahama Kin.
<--> HELLO BAHAMA KIN FANS, Bahama Kin has been Managing Headwrench
 Original Heavy Metal Band out of Torrington Connecticut since March 2004..
Headwrench has appeared with LA Guns, Dizzy Reed of Guns & Roses, W.A.S.P.
Motorhead, OverKill, Unchained the ultimate Van Halen tribute band,
MegaHertZ, Smack Seven, Headwrench is scheduled to open for Motorhead March 15th 2005
and for OverKill April 24th, 2005 at the Webster Theatre, in Hartford, Ct.  <-->
Fixture on the music scean began many years back. .
1st as Silkwood Forest Roadie 1976-77 featuring Dan Shafer on guitar.
BAHAMA KIN has been vocalist of the following bands.
Suntigers, (Guitar-Vocals-Lyrics)
Art Star, (Guitar-Vocals-Lyrics)
Sophisticated Bastards, (Vocals-Lyrics)
Redline (Voacls - Lyrics)
Aurora (Vocals - Lyrics)
Wicked chill (Vocals - Lyrics)
East coast blues (Vocals of their Ozzy & Black Sabbath set)
BAHAMA KIN has been manager of
Solar Society
Critical Condition
Promize (EX)
Thrash Ratchet (Pending)
BAHAMA KIN  has been Promoter of
Critical Condition
Solar Society
BAHAMA KIN Promoted the 1ST Metal-Rock-Jazz
concert in Fuessenich Park Torrington Ct. the bands were
Critical Condition-Alchemy-Otis Junction. in 1990. <-->
BAHAMA KIN has produced Video's - Live Recording - Demo's
Cd's of the following bands : Bloodbrother (Con Doty, Lee Preble)
Hundreds of videos & live recordings of Bloodbrother & Tour assistant and promotional work for them.
East Coast Blues (Dino Pelletier)  Hundreds of videos & live recordings of Bloodbrother & Tour assistant and promotional work for them. also vocals for their Ozzy & Black Sabbath set. East Coast Blues members credits included Bobby T.Torello of (Johnny Winter, Michael Bolton), BJ Zampa of Robin Trower, Yngwie Malmsteen, Wayne. BJ Zampa currently of (DiamondBack, House of Lords)
John Peckman of (Eight to the Bar, Jeff Pevar)
Eric Klaastad of (Billy Joel, Art Garfunkel, Debbie Harry,)
BAHAMA KIN has filmed Steve Montano Blues Band at Riders Cafe in Waterbury Ct.
Bahama kin has worked with Phoebe Legere who was  (Actress & Star of  Toxic Avenger 2 & 3, Mondo New York W/Wesley Snipes) Phoebe has toured with David Bowie.
BAHAMA KIN has worked with and filmed Malcolm Cecil who is Legendary Synth Programer,Producer
of (Steven Stills, Manassas, Quincy Jones, Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross,)
BAHAMA KIN has been on the road with bands from :Connecticut, New York City,
Newport RI, Saugarties New York, Mt Vernon N.Y.,
All over.  BAHAMA KIN has done Several solo music videos & CD's. Filmed and recorded live for the following local bands:
Headwrench (Manager)
East Coast Blues
The Brightwood Rockers,
Chris Tofield & The Bluesbenders,
Travis Robinson & The Carptones,
Smokin Herb,
Kevin Taylor,
Ether Binge,
Barbara Morrell, 
BAHAMA KIN Has written Several book manuscripts:
(The Parsonage. a History of Wolcottville Ct)
The Jimi Bell Story (Who the Hell is Jimi Bell)
BAHAMA KIN Produced Phoebe Legere's Promo Documentry Video
for her to submit to: The Warner Theater, The Oakdale Theater, The Webster Theater, The Bushnell.
Currently manager of Headwrench (See links)
BAHAMA KIN  Has Been Helping to Promote Connecticut Bands & Worldwide Bands At Bahama Kin's Connectucut Music Online. Mega Hours Of Work Here! A Group Founded By Bahama Kin Which Features Such Members As :
Headwrench, Wanted, Eight To The Bar, Spellbinder, Smokin Herb, The Jerks, In Itself, Blue Attire, The Continentals, Voxman Ex Infinity Minus One, The Patti Tuite Band, Mega Hertz, Shadowcaster,  Shattersphere, Lead Pipe Bludgeon, Z100 NYC, CO2, Jimi Bell, Mark Easton of Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze,  Boneglove (Texas), Arthur Kill, Death By Numbers, Intricate Unit, Mambo Sons, Mike Lasala, Dave Adrian,  Dan Shafer Productions, Mutha Ugly, hUShh, D. Smith Blues Band, Johnny Sixgun, OuthouseSound, Jason Nocera, - The Generics, (TK passed on) D'Brethryn, Billy Jones Bluez, Promize, Kayla (Kitty), Radio Mike, Blood Ruby, Leigh Silver & The Bitter Things, Headwrench,WreckingBall,Smack Seven, and many more.
NEW NEWS working on Headwrench DVD Project, Summerjam 2004 Video/DVD, Author of The Jimi
Bell autobiography, Manuscrips & Book Ideas with Dave
Adrian, New Bahama Kin CD in the BK Studio, TBA, Booking & Filming, Writing,
Keeping Your name on Top. Bahama Kin (Sign The guestbook) Email me  Bahama Kin's 2 Sons are talented musicians, Raymond Edward MacKinnon 16 years old who is playing and studies Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, The
Ramones, The Misfits, John Lennon, the Beatles. Raymond And Dad Recorded "Wish you were here (Floyd) with Raymond playing all guitar parts. Bahama Kin's younger son Douglas Lennon MacKinnon 14 years old Plays Drums, Keyboards and Vocals. Also Bahama Kin (Robert M. MacKinnon) has
Helped to get Dave Adrian's Biography "The Man From Nowhere" Published. Bahama Kin Is credited in The Book now available at Barnes and Nobel, Border Books, Amazon, Publish America and more. Just in! WreckingBall News: WreckingBall Lineup Complete. This Connecticut Metal/ Rock Band features 2 members of RPMC (Riders Wtby, Ct) WreckingBall  began rehearsals back on 1/25/2005  at The Band Room Rehearsal Studios in Beacon Falls, Ct.
Phil Damato Has no desires to create any undo feelings towards Headwrench. which Bahama Kin continues to work with occassionally. and wishes Headwrench much success! Bahama Kin Respects both bands. And has much to offer both. as well as Supporting you all at CMO1. The newest news concerning the writting of THE JIMI BELL STORY BY: Bahama Kin. Filmed by: Kenneth Young. Bahama kin has written 63 pages so far as of June 27th 2005. Plans are being set to Produce THE JIMI BELL STORY DVD interview #2. scheduled for Jan 12 2006. more on that as news happens. Bahama kin remains manager, videographer, promotions, ect of Headwrench who have been treking across the states to put on some killer Headwrench live shows. all filmed by: Bahama Kin. 3/15/05 Headwrench openened for Motorhead at The Webster Theatre in Hartford Ct. and on 5/25/2005 appeared live in NYC (The Continential Motorhead tribute show)many shows are being lined up so stay tuned. Jimi Bell & Diamondback opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd at The Oakedale Theatre in Wallingford, Ct. Ken Young was working on Filming Deep Purple Guitarist Steve Morse, Bahama kin was working on the Jimi Bell Story Book. unable to make that show. update --> Jimi Bell & BJ Zampa Hof DiamondBack have joined House Of Lords and will be featured on the new album due late spring 2006.I will keep you all updated as the music news as it happens. I have alot of awesome plans to come. Including Helping Iron Butterfly with promotions via Keyboardist Larry Rust whom Bahama Kin is now friends with.
Thank you all for believing in me as much as I believe in you all. (sign the guestbook)
Bahama Kin.
p.s. Bahama Kin helped Bill Ward to be included as drummer of Black Sabbath at Ozzfest 2004. (recieved 3 autographed photos from Bill Ward.
Bahama kin is helping Bernie Torme via Robert Schaffer with a petition I created for (Wild West) to get gigs in USA.
Bahama Kin recieved and autographed photo and signed letter from Sharon Osbourne when I sent her a letter concerning her health when she was ill with cancer.
Bahama Kin was asked and wrote the VICE Reunion gig review for Rob Rock. (2005)
Bahama Kin has sang Black Sabbath / Ozzy Songs with Drummer BJ Zampa of Yngwie Malmsteen, Robin Trower, Thunderhead, David Wayne's Metal Church,Wayne, Tony McAlpine. Run 21, Dino Pelletier's East Coast Blues.
Bahama Kin Has sang Black Sabbath / Ozzy Songs with Guitarist Steve Delacey of ex Journey vocalist Steve Perry, Kiss, Tony McAlpine, Dino Pelletier's East Coast Blues.
Bahama Kin has sang Black Sabbath / Ozzy Songs with Drummer John Peckman of Eight to the Bar, Jeff Pevar, Feather Merchants. East Coast Blues
Bahama Kin has sang Black Sabbath / Ozzy Songs with Bassist Eric Klaastad of Billy Joel, Art Garfunkel, Debbie Harry (Blondie), East Coast Blues.
Bahama Kin has sang Black Sabbath / Ozzy Songs with Drummer Bobby T. Torello of Johnny Winter, Grace Slick, Rossington Collins Band, Michael Bolton, Thunderhead, Dino Pelletier's East Coast Blues, Electric Circus.
Bahama Kin has sang Black Sabbath / Ozzy Songs with Steve Montano of Michael Bolton, Crayon, Steve Montano Blues Band, Blue Attire.
Bahama Kin is friends and communtcates with fellow author Dan Matovina (Badfinger Biographer)
Bahama Kin is friends with and communicates with Keyboardist Larry Rust of Iron Butterfly. Larry Rust has also worked with Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Stevie Wonder, Larry Carlton, George Howard, Bob Welch, Warren Zevon and Kansas.
Bahama kin did CD reviews for Mighty Sam McClain / Chris Tofield (Blues on Stage)
Bahama Kin's sister Brenda managed and helped bands at Sturgis bike week. she knew the late Sam Kinison, did work for Meatloaf,  was responsible for being manager of Hard Times which she and I put Chris Tofield on Stage in front of an audience in Torrington, Ct for the first time. I have known Chris Tofield since he came to my house  (around 1980) asking to learn some blues licks. I in turn showed Chris some riffs and introduced him to my great friend Dino Pelletier. whom taught Chris many blues songs and styles.
Bahama kin founded Connecticut Music Online (CMO1) the first Connecticut unsigned band promotion yahoo group. other groups inclued Headwrench yahoo group. WreckingBall yahoo group, Jimi Bell Yahoo group
Bahama Kin's uncle helped produce M.A.S.H (TV series)
Bahama Kin's great great grandmother played piano for silent movies.
and much more. some Bahama Kin facts are mentioned on this page in various catagories.
and some not yet added here.
Thank you all for believing in me as I believe in you.
Bahama Kin

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